“What Big Wine is doing to the US wine market”

I had to share this eye opening news about the state of the US wine business thanks to the Wine Curmudgeon.

“Big Wine tightened its grip on the U.S market in 2013, with new figures showing that three companies accounted for more than half of all the wine produced during those 12 months. E&J Gallo, The Wine Group, and Constellation Wines totalled some 187.5 million cases of the 370 million produced.

Throw in the next three biggest companies — Bronco, home of Two-buck Chuck; Trinchero Family Estates; and Treasury — and that total rises to 241.4 million cases — about two-thirds of the wine made in the U.S. The top 30 by themselves account for some 90 percent; in other words, all the wine that those of us who write about wine love to write about? Hardly anyone drinks it. No wonder availability is such an issue.”

You may read the rest at Wine Curmudgeon

These guys are the reason I started Rad Grapes. I used to work for big distributors that peddled some of these wines. Consumers and wine lovers need to make just a little effort to find some great wines, many of which are no more expensive than the wines the behemoths produce and are much, much better alternatives.

Rad Grapes and what we do is the antithesis to these big “wine manufacturers”. Rad Grapes sources all of our wines directly from small, independent artisanal producers. Really cool, quality wines from cool people that care about their vines, as much as they care about their wines. Cheers


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