Old friends coming back…

A few years back, and for several years Rad Grapes represented the Vina Amalia wines from Carlos Basso in NY. The line we originally sold included the Vina Amalia Malbec Reserva and the Vina Amalia Cabernet Reserva. These were not wines that I imported, but bought from and importer to distribute in NY. The quality of the fruit and winemaking is fantastic. One of the disadvantages (and not always) of buying wine from other importers to sell, is that they can sometimes switch distributors and not for lack of sales either…like a political thing or a new general manager comes in and poof…well that’s exactly what happened to the Vina Amalia wines. We lost them…

Long story short, the distributor where the wines went didn’t get the job done. Nothing close to what I had sold. I was asked to take the wines back AND a few years ago Carlos Basso and his son Adolfo have added a number of new wines. Not only did we get the Vina Amalia wines back, but added to the mix are the Dos Fincas Malbec, Dos Fincas Sauvignon Blanc and the Dos Fincas Chardonnay. Bonus.

You know of my belief that 90% of what makes a good wine is the vineyard and quality of the fruit. We got that. Finca La Amalia where the Vina Amalia Malbec Reserva comes from is also the source for Dos Fincas Malbec fruit. Located in Altamira, San Carlos, south of Mendoza this 40 acre vineyard is planted 100% to Malbec. Warm days and cool night give the fruit great balance and expression.

Finca Los Montes Negros is located at over 3700 feet of altitude in Los Arboles, Tunuyan, Valle del Uco Mendoza and is planted to a total of eight varietals spread out over 200 acres of vineyard. Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay for Dos Fincas also sourced from there. Amazingly clean and balanced fruit across the board. The fruit is all hand picked! I also like the fact that the oak used is all French, making the wines tasting like much more classical examples of the varietals. Great for sipping and even better with food.

Tasting is believing. Search the wines out…


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