This Rose craze…

You may reading or hearing about the rise in popularity of Rose, or you may be just unwittingly contributing to the recent craze just by drinking and enjoying some Rose wine. What’s going on? Why has Rose become so popular?

I explain it as a generational perception dislocation. Until recently most Americans older than 45-50 had the inherent perception that most if not all Rose was like White Zinfandel, as in sweet. As many ladies or guys that enjoyed or were introduced to wine drinking with White Zinfandel, it also turned off what I think are several generations, like boomers and Gen-Xers to Rose. Most, I said. Back when i started selling wine and for a number for years it was an uphill battle selling too much fry Rose from anywhere. Well what do you know? Those age groups, have been slowly converted to the dry-side and is certainly part of where the growth in sales comes from. The other is Millenials. They are the most adventurous wine drinking generation I have ever seen, especially so in this ‘globally saturated’ NY wine market. That is a good thing for wine drinkers with an adventurous palate. Try anything! Rose? The selection is most wine shops is staggering. 15, 20 maybe 25 different Roses from all over the world. Years ago selling just Provencale Rose was tough. Now if you have good juice at a good price, it doesn’t matter where it comes from.

That leads me to talk about shortages of Rose. These wines are usually not made in huge quantities. Those producers that released early in March are running out. That leaves room for us, since we tend to add Roses later than a lot of other people, literally waiting for ‘Rose weather’. The advantage to that is that at this time of summer when our customers start running out of a Rose or two, we’ve got inventory, usually well into the Fall and can come to the rescue. I must add that I refer to our Roses as #BRoses. Refreshing, delicious fruit, with amazing acidity, good structure AND length. I hate wimpy Roses…

Here’s what we have in stock now guys:

2015 La Villa Real Tempranillo Rose – La Mancha, Spain

2015 Del Rio Vineyards Rose – Rogue Valley, Oregon

2015 Domaine Bel Eouve – Coteaux D’Aix en Provence, France

Rad Grapes wines aren’t everywhere, but can be found all over NY state…if you can’t find something shoot me an e-mail or call.




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