Everyone needs at least some time off…

Call it what you will; time off, vacation, R&R…for us mere mortals it is not always easy or possible, even when we are willing to take any significant time off. However…most of us, even the workaholics, like me – It’s ok, I really love what I do – have the need to wind down and get away from the regular day to day, to give to body, mind & soul some rest.

I prefer doing that with a bunch of long weekends, instead of lets say two weeks off. I own a business and that has yet to be feasible. Taking time to fly-fish when I can, going kayaking or just spending time at home relaxing, is especially needed if you work long hard hours. In the end you will always end up being more productive when you rest your body, mind & soul.

To that point, I’ve been on the beach down at Long Beach Island – LBI for a couple of days and it is amazing what a calming effect the ocean has on you. It doesn’t hurt that I got the chance to do soem serious fishing for fluke & blue fish on Friday & Saturday on Rony’s boat in Barnegat Bay. Hooked several 2 foot plus blues. What a fight! Talk about recharging, apparently we have a huge BBQ order coming for later. Don’t worry, I’ve the wine side covered for all the adults, Lava Cap Cab,Dos Fincas  Malbec & Bouza Tannat. Manly-men BBQ wines. Cheers!


About nick

I grew up on 3 continents and traveled the world as a kid thanks to my dad's professional soccer coaching carrier. I speak, read and write five languages perfectly, have a degree in International Business and have worked in the wine business in NY for 20 years. I've been married to my wife Laura for 17 years and we have beautiful triplet daughters. My passions are wine, fly fishing, photography, golf and the NY Jets and my most recent discovery is blogging.
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