Happy New Year

First of all, good riddance to 2016. Tough year on so many fronts, from sales to the Jets, to politics.

I have many exciting things to look forward to in 2017 and I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling with wine off course. In becoming somewhat more pragmatic in running the business, we parted ways with a number of suppliers last year and added some incredible new wines. Making sure that your suppliers are on the same wavelength as you are and thoroughly understand what you do and support you is utterly essential in being able to survive and prosper long term in what has become a more competitive business than ever.

Being able to rekindle the relationship Elixir and bring back amazing wines like Vina Amalia and Bodega Bouza were the highlight on 2016. I’ve also added a number of other amazing wines from Elixir, like Ch. Fourcas Dupre and Fernandez Gomez is a bonus. As we head into 2017 I will be adding the Jean Sambardier Beaujolais Villages from them next month.

Some other new wine additions to look forward to in 2017 are a great Nero D’Avola, some classic Serbian Prokupac, the Petite Sirah from Lava Cap and…you never know. I’m always looking for the next gem…


About nick

I grew up on 3 continents and traveled the world as a kid thanks to my dad's professional soccer coaching carrier. I speak, read and write five languages perfectly, have a degree in International Business and have worked in the wine business in NY for 20 years. I've been married to my wife Laura for 17 years and we have beautiful triplet daughters. My passions are wine, fly fishing, photography, golf and the NY Jets and my most recent discovery is blogging.
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