New wines for Spring

I find it hard to write this today, after just digging ourselves out, as I look at a foot and a half of fresh snow in my yard from yesterday’s Nor’easter, but alas it must be done…

Having parted ways with several existing suppliers last year, some voluntarily and some not, I’ve been on the prowl looking for wines that would fill the holes in our portfolio. Sometimes you just get lucky…I found a number of great wines to add for Spring; Le Jardin en Fleur Touraine Sauvignon Blanc and amazing Vouvray; The Furst, delicious off dry Alsatian Riesling and very tasty Pinot Noir; a couple of fun wines from Camargue – the Rhone Valley Delta and a really tasty Prosecco. Also looking forward to tow new Rose wines, one from Provence and the other one from the Rhone. Looking forward to the new wines arriving in April and will get samples to start tasting with my customers right away.

Besides the new April additions, I have made a commitment to a Portuguese winery from Alentejo to start representing their wines in NY come the Fall. That’s about it. I feel that the Rad Grapes wine portfolio will round out rather nicely once all the new wines have been added. Once there, I may just want to hold off on adding anything new unless, I run into a truly exceptional wine that we may be able to use. You never know, but my gut is telling me to coast for now…too many other things on my plate perhaps?


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