My full plate

The next few months are going to be rough. Lots of personal and business changes coming. You think you have it rough? Ok…

First step is to close our Wyckoff office and move all operations to Suffern. Second step is to find a new place to live by June – stage 2 of downsizing plan. Third, the girls need to decide 100% which college each has picked, as initial deposits are due by May 1st. Fourth move to new house (working on that, as mentioned). Then we have some summer downtime before hauling triplets off to college. End result will be an empty house by summer’s end…somewhat anti-climactic. Although the two of us will need to get used to this next phase of our lives sooner or later. Party time?


About nick

I grew up on 3 continents and traveled the world as a kid thanks to my dad's professional soccer coaching carrier. I speak, read and write five languages perfectly, have a degree in International Business and have worked in the wine business in NY for 20 years. I've been married to my wife Laura for 17 years and we have beautiful triplet daughters. My passions are wine, fly fishing, photography, golf and the NY Jets and my most recent discovery is blogging.
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