Ventisquero’s New Grey…Killer stuff from Chile…

What Felipe Toso is doing at Vina Ventisquero is pretty amazing. Felipe’s project started years ago, when he began working with his crew to isolate the best vineyards throughout the eight, yes eight separate apellations that the winery owns vineyards in. Felipe actually went beyond picking the best single vineyards, isolating even the single best blocks of vines within the best vineyards. How did they do this? With lots and lots of small tanks, pressing, fermenting and aging small separate lots…hundreds of them over years, to see where the best juice came from. The Grey line of wines is the culmination of that effort – the best single blocks of vine, producing some of the best Chilean wines you will ever enjoy, for under $30 per bottle. The Grey Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 and the Carmenere 2008 coming from Ventisquero’s Trinidad Vineyard from the famed Maipo Valley.

Ventisquero Grey - the best single blocks of Carmenere and Cabernet

These two wines are ridiculously good. The Cabernet is very refined, while the Carmenere is wild and bold. Both are very much worth picking up. Prepare to be wowed…

From Felipe Toso:

GREY exemplifies the concept of terroir. Climate, soil & grape variety combine perfectly to give life to elegant, balanced wines. Each one’s identity is defined by a single block, paying homage to its place of origin.  And it is Felipe Tosso who is responsible for capturing everything about this very special place, conveying it in each bottle, each variety, and each wine that is part of the GREY line.

Exceptional care is taken at every stage of the winemaking process. As Felipe tells us, “from the meticulous work in the vineyards to the handpicking and personalised selection of fruit, slow fermentation at controlled temperatures, and the final 18-month aging in French Oak barrels, we follow each step closely, and it is this care and dedication that allows us to create our new GREY”.

Our efforts would not be complete without a meticulous study of the soil that has allowed us to introduce a new variety to the line – Chardonnay de Casablanca – and further enhance the quality of our red wines – Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère from the Coastal Maipo, and Merlot and Syrah from the Apalta Valley – under the careful guidance of John Duval, Ventisquero’s consulting winemaker.

In order to develop unique wines, further soil studies have been carried out within each of the lots. These studies have led to the adoption of different timings for harvest and the use of differentiated vinification processes for each block. “This bears witness to the care we take throughout the entire production process, which enables us to create such a special wine. We have studied every single block, and succeeded in creating an unforgettable Grey”

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